Content is king.

Yet despite its importance in succeeding in online marketing today, many entrepreneurs are hard pressed to find the time to develop and execute an effective content marketing campaign.

Which is a shame, because there are few things that will help your business to grow more rapidly and your content reach more eyes than implementing a well planned content marketing campaign.

Luckily for you, if you have been struggling to develop a campaign that will not consume all of your time, there are a number of ways that you can eliminate the time sink of content marketing and automate almost everything with a few simple tools.

If you learn to use these tools effectively, you can all but eliminate the tedium of content marketing so that you can focus your efforts on other, more important tasks.

Disclaimer: There’s no affiliate link on this page and I have zero connection with all the tools I’ve mentioned other than being a user/admirer of them.

Here are a few ways that you can automate your content marketing without breaking the bank.

1. Buffer

A personal favorite of mine, Buffer allows you to schedule out social media posts in advance on Twitter, Facebook, and now, Instagram.

Now, instead of spending precious time each day searching for content to market across your social channels, you can batch (and outsource) all of your social media marketing, scheduling the entire month or week in one sitting.

With plans starting at only $50 a month, this is a great and relatively inexpensive tool to effectively automate your marketing across all of your major social media channels.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is another fantastic tool that allows you to quickly and painlessly automate your content marketing.

As soon as new content is released on your blog, Hootsuite promotes it on social media and schedules the content for promotion at other times throughout the week to optimize user engagement.

Depending on the plan that you select, Hootsuite also comes with a slew of analytics, security, and engagement tools for even more powerful marketing.

The pro plan costs only $8.99 a month, making this one of the most affordable tools on this whole list.

3. Coschedule

One of the most efficient tools for managing your editorial calendar and developing a social media schedule that matches it, Coschedule allows you to simultaneously create blog and social media content and schedule it out for maximum reach.

Coschedule will give you the peace of mind and organizational tools you need to effectively run your blog and social campaigns.

4. Hubspot

While Hubspot is a pricier tool than some of the others listed in this article, it is still one of my favorites because of the simplicity and ease with which is allows you to control your content marketing.

Hubspot makes it easy for you to effectively manage all of your email marketing and quickly analyze how your leads and clients are responding to your various emails, landing pages, and blog posts.

While the basic package starts at around $200/month, the amount of value that you will receive from Hubspot far outweighs the price tag.

5. Zapier

One of the best ways to automate your social media marketing workflow, Zapier allows you to connect various apps so that you don’t waste time scheduling the same post across dozens of channels.

If used in conjunction with some of the other tools on this list, Zapier can massively simplify your content marketing efforts, resulting in a workload of less than a few hours a month for a fully optimized marketing calendar.

While there is a free option, the premium packages only start at $20/month, meaning that you can cut back on your marketing hours without breaking the bank.

6. Sprout Social

Another great tool for scheduling out your social media marketing for the week or month, Sprout Social is your one stop shop for social content marketing.

With an all in one social media inbox, analysis tools for keywords, locations, and user profiles, and up to 5 social media profiles included in the deluxe package ($59/month) Sprout Social allows you to effectively manage your social media marketing for pennies on the dollar, saving you hours of time that you can invest into building other aspects of your business.

7. Infusionsoft

If you are looking to master advanced email marketing, then Infusionsoft is the quintessential software to use.

Infusionsoft offers some of the best email marketing tools and marketing automation software in the business, and despite its steep learning curve and a $200 per month price tag, it still remains one of the most effective ways to automate your content marketing.


Content marketing is an essential part of growing any business. But with so many different platforms to manage, it can be quite difficult to carve out the time to properly execute your content marketing strategy.

Luckily, with these tools (and maybe some outsourcing) you can all but eliminate the time that you have to invest in content marketing, allowing you to focus on more essential aspects of your business.

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