I am Abdullahi Muhammed, a writer, marketer and CEO of Oxygenmat.

I’ve had the opportunity to be published and interviewed in a number of high-impact publications. As you will notice from my portfolio below, content marketing is my main fort but I also have expertise in freelancing and entrepreneurship.

Here’s a curated list of articles I’ve written and places where I (and my company) have been featured.

COLUMNS – where I regularly write


Forbes: I write weekly on smart hacks for starting and growing a freelance business.


EntrepreneurEntrepreneur Magazine: I cover the state, challenges and direction of content marketing and entrepreneurship

CONTRIBUTIONS – where I’ve been published

USA Today

USA TODAY: I wrote about how to become a highly paid freelance consultant.


The Huffington Post: I wrote about content marketing and the challenges of starting and growing a small business.

World Economic Forum: I wrote about how big data can improve small business growth

Business.com: I wrote about using content marketing to fuel business growth

Tech.co: I covered about content marketing hacks for startups

Business2Community.com: I provided smart growth hacks for small business owners

TweakYourBiz: I wrote about some of the most attention-grabbing marketing campaigns in 2016

INTERVIEWS AND MENTIONS – where I’ve been referenced

Inc. Magazine: How This Entrepreneur Improvised His Way to Success – I was interviewed.

Entrepreneur Magazine: Rags to Riches: How This Entrepreneur Did It Without Internet And Smartphone – I was interviewed.

The Huffington Post: Against All Odds: Entrepreneur Abdullahi Muhammed Proves Failure is Not an Option – I was interviewed.

HubSpot: Why Virtual Agencies Might Be More Creative – I was featured alongside some really smart CEOs like Jason Fried of Basecamp and Matt Mullenweg of Automattic (parent company of WordPress).

Search Engine Journal: Seven Ways to Make Your Boring Product Page Sizzle – My copywriting expertise was referenced

The Next Web: CEO of Oxygenmat on What Startups Get Wrong about Content Marketing – Self-explanatory, right?

CrazyEgg: How Banners Can Trigger Interactions & Improve Conversions – Again, my copywriting expertise was referenced

TweakYourBiz: How To Build Your Online Authority as a Brand – My thought leadership on pitching value instead of pitching a sale was referenced.

Upwork: Perspectives on the Future of Work – I was featured as an authority on freelancing and the future of work.