Your brand’s online reputation is something that can take months and years to build yet be destroyed in a matter of hours. It’s a scary thought but you are always being watched. Your brand is fragile and even one bad review can destroy it.

Good news is, there are practical actions you can take to improve your brand’s online reputation.

Produce Quality

So many novices believe that the way to improve your reputation is to follow some sort of secret formula. That’s not the case at all. The best way to improve your online reputation is to follow through on your promises.

You should always under promise and over deliver. There’s nothing worse than failing to deliver on a promise, and nothing will destroy your reputation as quickly.

This applies to both the level of your services and your content marketing tactics. Everything you do must be to the best of your ability.

Encourage Your Customers to Rave About You

Most customers will not write a review of a product. They are either too lazy or they simply forget. Brands should go out of their way to encourage their happy customers to post reviews about them. You don’t have to offer anything in return. Just ask them to do it and most of them will oblige.

In fact, most of them will be happy that you even thought about them enough to ask in the first place.

Build Relationships

The reason why big companies gain a constant slew of positive reviews and regular purchases is because they know how to build relationships. By building relationships with customers, you will turn them into brand ambassadors. They will essentially do the marketing for you.

Building relationships is about the little things because this is not something that you can easily force. Thank people for supporting you and send them a gift every so often. Go out of your way to ask about what they think of your brand.

Be a real human being and treat your customers like real human beings.

Track Opinions About You

Using the power of Google Alerts, you can track what people are saying about your website and brand. By catching these malicious attacks early, you can react to them. Bad reviews may be a negative thing for you, but at the very least you can react to that criticism by changing the way you do business.

As a brand, you will get things wrong, but apologizing and reacting quickly will help you to create a positive reputation for your company.

Start Early

So many companies wait until something bad has happened before they think about the power of an online reputation. And by this time the damage has already been done and it’s far too late to stop it. Starting early means that you already have a positive reputation in place and the occasional bad word will not shut it down.

You should set aside a budget for this the moment you open your doors. Companies that get a jump on their competitors in this field tend to be more successful in the long-term.

Can You Remove Malicious Search Results? 

Actually removing malicious or negative search results from the Internet as a whole is impossible. You are not Google and you are unable to control what they put in their search results. What you can do is bury negative comments under a pile of positive ones.

Online reputation agencies like Oxygenmat are adept at doing this, and a professional can ensure that negative search results are hidden from view. But, again, there’s only so much these professional services can do.

The best way to deal with problems regarding online reputation is prevention.

Conclusion – Preserving Your Online Reputation

Protecting your online reputation should be a priority for any brand. You are vulnerable to disgruntled employees and disgruntled customers. If you wait until your reputation is in tatters to act, it could very well prevent all future growth, or at the very least set your progress back by month.

How will you defend your online reputation?

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